Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our New Townhouse...

The fiance' and I are in escrow on a townhouse - we close in just under two weeks! What does that mean? I get to start home shopping again! It's been a long and painful year and a half since I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything home-related.

So...I've been browsing online and found a ton of fun stuff I can't wait to buy (or dream of buying for those pricier items)!

The MacBeth Collection takes a fun spin on metal bins, trays, etc by putting fun patterns on them. They have some awesome patterns and a bunch of different containers to choose from. Some that I'm loving are:

This tray for a dresser top or bathroom counter:

Or these for the window sill - possibly for the herb garden I'd love to grow but know I'd kill...

And possibly one of these for mail, pens, a notepad, etc in the kitchen...

Another site I stumbled across is Rosanna. She has a bunch of great home accessories, including these beach bottles:

And these Boho plates - I love, love, love the green dot pattern:

Okay, that's all for now!

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