Monday, July 28, 2008

{Calling Cards...}

I've always loved everything Iomoi has to offer, but I've recently been coveting their calling cards. Here are a few of my favorites:


I was checking out the MA Belle blog and came across a dresser from a 2007 issue of Cottage Living that I had loved at the time, but completely forgotten about.

The decorator painted an old dresser she had a bright orange color - combined with the subtle colors of the rest of the room, it really pops but isn't overwhelming. Love it!

{More house inspiration...}

After having various shades of blue walls for about 10 months, I'm really wanting to go white, white, white. We have white tile in most of our house, so I have to be careful to not make it too stark, but as our place is pretty small, I think it could open it up quite a bit...

{Can I Live Here?}

I came across this Hamptons cottage on the Blissful Living Magazine Web site. I'm in love with this house, especially these images:

{On to the house...}

Well, now that we're post-wedding, I've been focusing my energy on finding inspiration for our house. When we first moved in, we did some renovations, painted, etc, but I've grown tired of the paint colors and have been itching for some new furniture.

One area I'm most excited to work on is our guest bedroom/soon-to-be office. I'm switching from my full-time PR job at an agency to consulting full-time and need a home office area that I'm excited about working in.

So I've found some inspiration from various blogs (the first image is a press clipping for See Jane Work; the other images are from the Ruby PR blog, which I adore):