Monday, September 17, 2007

The Bridesmaid Dresses...

It wouldn't be my wedding if the bridesmaid dresses didn't come from J. Crew!

I really wanted neutral colored dresses for my bridesmaids, but had a really hard time pinpointing something specific. I loved the idea of gunmetal grey, but my wedding's in May - dark grey doesn't exactly scream Spring. I loved the idea of navy, but didn't want to do navy with the black tuxes. I always thought I'd do black, but I wanted something a little more 'springy' if you will. It basically came down to some shade of champagne, but I just wasn't crazy about anything. Then I came across these dresses at J. Crew:

In person, the color is a buttery gold tone and the fabric is a stiffer silk seersucker. I loved the idea of having a seersucker fabric for our location and the color of the dress in general. It looks great on everyone's skin tone and fits perfectly.

So there you have it... !

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